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Gay Sports Bar To Open In Uptown's Salsa a la Salsa Locale

Game Sports Bar Minneapolis is in and Salsa a la Salsa is out.

The patio at Uptown's Salsa a la Salsa that
The patio at Uptown's Salsa a la Salsa that
Salsa a la Salsa Facebook page

Ever since Old Chicago exited 2841 Hennepin Avenue, the location has struggled to find the right fit for the audience of its Uptown neighborhood. First there was the BoneYard (a name that ended up being unfortunately fitting) and now it seems Salsa a la Salsa will exit the address as well.

The Mpls./St. Paul Business Journal is reporting that Kaskaid Hospitality, which owns the building, has sold it to a restaurant group led by Mike LaGuire. This restaurant is one of three Salsa a la Salsa locations, but the only one that was partnered with Kaskaid. (The other two are owned by Lorenzo Ariza. Meanwhile, Kaskaid Hospitality is the company that also owns and operates the Crave chain of restaurants.)

Mike LaGuire has shared his plans for the spot which might hit a particular sweet spot for the neighborhood: a gay sports bar. The planned focus will cater both to the GLBTQ community and sports bar fans who have been wandering the Hennepin/Lake Street intersection ever since that Old Chicago departure.

LaGuire shared plans for a room filled with large TV's and walls decorated with sports memorabilia and pictures of out athletes and an inclusive sports bar atmosphere called Game Sports Bar Minneapolis.

Owners and their representatives did not immediately return requests for comment and it is unclear when Salsa a la Salsa will close.