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Is This the Location of St. Paul's Newest Ramen Restaurant?

Could Tori Ramen be opening inside the old Lee & Dee's?

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Well, hey there little kitty.
Well, hey there little kitty.
Colleen Gonzalez

When Tori Ramen, the newest ramen shop mentioned that the name "Tori" was in part due to its new location's address, we started scouring the city for a likely spot. Now, this little lucky cat has been spotted in the window at the former Lee & Dee's location on Victoria, just off Selby Avenue. We are ready to place some bets that some soup will soon be stewing inside this spot.

Tori Ramen is the entirely non-GMO ramen restaurant from Jason Dorweiler (formerly the general manager at Unideli) and Asiya Persaud. The soup inside whatever storefront they land in will be dedicated to stocks created with only the most earth-friendly fare and surprisingly no pork. An Indiegogo campaign raised over $2,000 towards the goal.

We still don't have confirmation on a location, but this particular address, 161 North Victoria Street is looking more promising by the day.