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Kata Organic Cafe & Fitness Boutique is Now Open in Linden Hills

Smoothies, organic food and space to get fit all in one location.

Now being served in Linden Hills
Now being served in Linden Hills
Kata Organic Cafe

Another week, another lovely spot in Linden Hills has opened. An eagle-eyed reader alerted Eater that Kata Organic Cafe is now serving fresh, nutritious fare with the added bonus of a place to get fit on site.

The cafe and class space is the work of Nick and John Leonard Mason. With backgrounds in both hospitality and the fitness world, the two have combined those passions into this new project. They explain the cafe's name and the inspiration on their website. "The philosophy behind kata is to develop repeatable patterns of behavior and movement to achieve the best in healthy lifestyle.  Kata generally refers to fundamental movements in martial arts - a form routine - often judged as a compulsory exercise for belt promotion and competition.  One begins and ends the movement of a kata routine on the same exact spot on the floor.  Through each practice and execution of kata, the artist becomes stronger in mind, body and spirit."

Kata Organic Cafe and Fitness boutique is located at 4279 Sheridan Avenue South in Minneapolis and open for breakfast, lunch and dinner weekdays and a weekend brunch. The menu here serves a selection of soups, salads, sandwiches and entrees with an emphasis on vegetables.