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Black Coffee & Waffle Bar Softly Opens St. Paul Location

There’s a new all day breakfast option in St. Paul.

A peek at the interior.
Black Coffee & Waffle Bar Facebook page

Waffle fans of Merriam Park are rejoicing at the quiet opening of Black Coffee & Waffle Bar at the corner of Marshall and Cretin Avenues - just over the Lake Street bridge from Minneapolis. While both their website and Facebook page tease an opening date has yet to be announced, a swing through the neighborhood yesterday revealed and open sign lit up and a few lucky patrons inside.

This is the second location for the coffee shop and cafe known for fantastic waffles adorned with a myriad of offerings. The original shop is at 1500 Como Avenue SE and serves customers from breakfast through dinner with the kitchen closing at 8:30 every day.

No word yet on what the exact hours will be for the new location, but there are signs of life in St. Paul and they are sweet.