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New Restaurant for Summer Are Opening All Over the Twin Cities

All the food news you need to know today, Friday July 22.

Naf Naf is now open at the U of M.
Naf Naf is now open at the U of M.

Good news for those heading back to school at the University of Minnesota (too soon?) Naf Naf Grill officially opens its 20th location today in Stadium Village at 856 Washington Southeast, Minneapolis. The Middle Eastern chain serves falafel, gyros, fries and more on the quick and cheap. Thanks to tipster Brittany for the heads up! See something delicious taking shape near you? Let us know!

The folks behind Republic and their food truck Red River Kitchen are preparing for a cool waterside project in Saint Paul. Stephanie March of Mpls./St. Paul Magazine reports that Red River Kitchen at City House will open down by the Mississippi River, in an empty park building. The food truck will fuel the seasonal restaurant, which also happens to be located in a floodplain. When the waters rise and the weather turns foul, they can just drive off. They've also tapped chef J.D. Fratzke of the Strip  Club Meat & Fish and Saint Dinette to help build the menu. It will be counter service, but possessing a full liquor license. If all goes smoothly, they could be open as soon as August 1.

Hector Ruiz, the chef and restaurant runner of Cafe Ena, La Ceiba Bistro, La Fresca and Rincon 38 (all located on that stretch of street in South Minneapolis) has expanded to Northeast. Costa Blanca Bistro at 2416 Central Ave Northeast in Minneapolis. The menu is made up of tapas and is pouring beer and wine.

More healthy fast-casual is on the way. Parasole is getting on in the trend with a sister restaurant to their Good Earth concept. The Star Tribune reports that Parasole Phil Roberts describes this as a "first cousin" of the the company's full service, healthful concept. Field Day by Good Earth will open in Ridgedale.

One more bit of chain news, the World of Beer has opened in St. Paul on Sibley, just a hop, skip and bunt from CHS Field. Serving Tavern Fare (their caps) the lunch and dinner menu includes things like a pretzel big enough to give you a bear hug, tacos, flatbreads, sandwiches and the like. There's also, as you might have culled from the subtle name, a lot of beer.