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Egg Roll Mpls Is Serving Vietnamese Dishes In the Most Unlikely of Places

A tale of dive bars, friendship and a deep fried dream.

A dive bar pop up you'll want to check out.
A dive bar pop up you'll want to check out.
Egg Roll Mpls Facebook page

NE Palace is a dive bar like any other: small, dimly lit, drinks on the cheap, karaoke every now and then, disco lights – you get the picture. However, something unexpected has been taking place in the kitchen over the past month. A pop-up of sorts known as Egg Roll Mpls has been serving up a Vietnamese-influenced bar menu featuring their namesake egg rolls. Adopted from an age-old family recipe it uses Kadejan chicken wings with a sweet and spicy sauce, and a house-ground Meyer Natural Angus beef burger with Heritage Berkshire slab bacon and house pickles.

The venture is a promising start for lifelong friends Eban Liebig and Mark Tran. With less than $100 in his bank account, but a dream to fulfill, Liebig, who formerly worked as Chef de Cuisine at Brasa, teamed up with Tran to start Egg Roll Mpls, with the future goal of opening their own simple Vietnamese spot in Northeast.

The rolls are served hot and crispy at NE Palace every Wednesday through Saturday from 4 to 10 p.m. and a Sunday ‘pho brunch’ will be coming your way in the next month.

Northeast Palace

2500 4th St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418 (612) 788-2305