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In Just a Couple of Weeks, Restaurant Alma Will Close

Don’t panic, it’s only temporary.

The Restaurant Alma crew is getting ready for the next phase of remodeling.
The Restaurant Alma crew is getting ready for the next phase of remodeling.

As had been previously reported (and reported...and reported…) James Beard Award winner Chef Alex Roberts will open a more casual version of his longstanding Restaurant Alma in the space next door, previously occupied by a Dunn Brothers coffee shop. The planned cafe will serve an all-day menu in a welcoming, comfortable space. The new cafe is on track to open later this fall in late October or early November.

In addition to the progress being made on the new eatery (and a boutique hotel being installed in the office upstairs) the time has come for a refresher of the sixteen-year-old original room. Restaurant Alma will temporarily close its doors after service on Friday, August 12 for a remodel. The new plans will connect the restaurant kitchen with the new cafe kitchen and to make what they are calling "significant mechanical and equipment upgrades." The dining room in Restaurant Alma will also get some sprucing up.

Which means, for at least the next couple of months, we are without one of the best fine dining, most-romantic restaurants in the Twin Cities. Reservations are limited between now and the closing time, so best make your plans to get while there is room on the books.

If all goes smoothly, Restaurant Alma will reopen in time for the holiday season, sometime in November.

Restaurant Alma

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