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Village Wok, La Ceiba Bistro and More To Close Soon

Highrise plans claim 3 businesses and Powerderhorn restaurant becomes a catering spot.

This Caribbean eatery is one of several restaurants closing.
This Caribbean eatery is one of several restaurants closing.
La Ceiba Bistro Facebook page

Village Wok, a 40-year-old Stadium Village institution, filling the bellies of University of Minnesota students with comfort Chinese food into the wee hours of the night, will close on August 21. According to Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal, Village Wok is one of three businesses that will close at the site of a proposed high rise. Along with Village Wok, Bun Mi Sandwiches and Espresso Expose will also close in the next few weeks.

Village Wok left an emotional message on their Facebook Page:

Hector Ruiz is closing one of his restaurants in order to open an event space with catering capabilities. La Ceiba will close after dinner service on August 15. The Powderhorn eatery is just one of Chef Ruiz’s impressive portfolio, which also includes La Fresca, Rincón 38, Cafe Ena and the newly opened Costa Blanca.

Ruiz promises that he will revisit La Ceiba’s most beloved dishes through pop ups at Rincón 38 and Costa Blanca.