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What’s Happening Inside Restaurant Alma

Tracking the restaurant’s re-opening and the new cafe.

Inside the Restaurant Alma refresh.
Restaurant Alma

It will likely be just a few more weeks of anticipation as we all eagerly await the reopening of Minneapolis’ beloved Restaurant Alma and the birth of it’s more casual sister, Alma Cafe, we are able to glean a few deets on the developments via the restaurant’s blog.

The prep kitchen is now home to an impressive array of shiny appliances, like a deck oven which will be an integral part of Alma’s bread program. The cafe’s early menu will feature a variety of sweet and savory pastries for breakfast. There will be freshly baked breads and rolls for it’s light sandwiches, too. So, the pastry team’s new fancy equipment will come in handy. “A deck oven has steam injection, dampers, and bells and whistles, and will really expand our options and what we can offer,” explained pastry chef Tiffany Singh.

Another exciting development is the addition of ten tap lines that will feature local craft beer as well as cider, keg wine and cocktails. While many other changes and improvements, like a separate sound system for each room, or the redirection of the staircase to the mezzanine level may be barely noticed by patrons, they are all a part of Chef Alex Robert’s vision to open up the space, seamlessly marry the cafe and restaurant, and offer a more welcoming and modern experience. The kitchen will now open into the cafe for a wider sight line, and the floors have been updated to on-trend poured concrete. A rounded counter is taking shape in the cafe, where customers can pick up the above mentioned pastries and sustainably sourced coffee from Twin Town Roasters.

Familiar touches like the original wine rack will return, so loyal customers should still feel at home in the updated space. “I hope when people return to the restaurant, they feel like it’s Alma,” said Alma Group’s Operations Manager Jordan Dick. “With the Café, I hope it’s an extension of the hospitality created at Alma. I want people to feel warmth, to feel welcome - almost an ‘extension of home’ vibe.”

For those that can’t wait, Alma will be at the Northeast Farmers Market on October 15. You can follow the full construction details at the restaurant’s website. Look for the restaurant to re-open in November.

Restaurant Alma

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