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Craft Brewery Cooperative Business is Booming With Expansion

Even more room to drink like you own the place with Fair State Brewing

More beer for everybody!
More beer for everybody!
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Minnesota's growing craft beer scene is showing no signs of slowing down. On Monday, Fair State Brewing Cooperative announced plans for an expansion to its brewing capacity via an over 40,000 square-foot brewing space in St. Paul’s Midway area. The co-op’s taproom will remain at its Northeast home while the new space will be used mostly for distribution fulfillment.

The brewery is Minnesota’s first member-owned operation, currently boasting around 1000 members. The new facility at Midway Distribution Center could increase production expeditiously to over 7,000 barrels. Fair State will utilize 28,000-square-foot of the space, leaving a 15,000-square-foot area available for sublease. "This new facility will immediately expand our brewing capacity 5-fold, allowing for us to meet pent-up demand and continue a steady rate of growth in the Twin Cities and new markets across Minnesota," explained Peter Heidorn, Fair State's Marketing & Communications Manager. In addition to the new facility, Fair State will begin working with Bernick's Distributors in an effort to reach new markets. "Bernick’s has an outstanding track record of success in helping craft breweries build new relationships with the right retailers, bars and restaurants, " Heidorn said. "Bernick’s will be a major partner moving forward and we're eager to work together in bringing Fair State to Duluth, St. Cloud, Rochester and the North Country."

While state law prohibits breweries from operating more than one taproom, the rendering revealed on Monday shows a patio and sampling area that may be used for special events.

Fair State hopes to begin operations in the Midway space in early 2017.

Fair State Brewing Cooperative

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