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Loring Park Restaurant Switching Gears

Bye Bye The Third Bird, Hello Bearcat Bar

Get ready for a new bar.
The Third Bird

The address 1612 Harmon Place has seen its share of restaurants over the years from Nick and Eddie to Cafe Maude and now The Third Bird will pass into history. The restaurant served its final meal last night. Before we cry too many tears over the weird bird man mural in the entryway, it’s good to know that the restaurant remains under the same ownership by Kim Bartmann and is upping the fun factor with arcade games.

third bird int
Bye bye, Birdman.

Joining the new trend of throwback games and food (see Betty Dangers, Can Can Wonderland, Up/Down and Punch Bowl Social) Bearcat Bar promises food faster and cheaper than before and takes an unnecessary swipe at the craft cocktail crowd with the proclamation, “Do we really need to have 20 bottles of homemade bitters on the bar?! NO. Just good drinks and good prices on fine beer, wine, and cocktails.”

The restaurant takes its name from the building’s original tenant, Stutz auto dealership, which sold the Bearcat sports car.

The name and the games aren’t the only throwbacks, the menu promises “calamari to shame the 90’s,” salad bar, cheese curds, and a Goosey Lucy (please don’t be goose meat.) Overseeing the kitchen is Nick O’Leary, the chef who was one of the originals that opened Borough in the North Loop.

The changeover is happening right now and Bearcat will open for service - with free valet parking, Thursday January 19.

The Third Bird

1612 Harmon Place, Minneapolis, MN 55403 (612) 767-9495 Visit Website