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Minneapolis Wine and Cheese Shop Expands Into the Butchery Business

France 44 takes a note from its St. Paul shops; adds more meat, cheese and food options to Minneapolis.

France 44’s butcher getting down on some beef.
Photo courtesy France 44

A full-service butcher counter and a bevy of prepared food options are coming to France 44 Cheese Shop, the gourmet deli within France 44 Wines & Spirits in South Minneapolis. A spring expansion will nearly triple the current size of the space, adding to the already fabulous cut-to-order cheese counter and made-to-order sandwich deli. France 44 hopes the expansion will allow the deli to further support of their small farm partners like Hidden Stream Farm, Peterson Beef and The Lamb Shoppe out of Hutchinson, Minnesota.

As a part of the process, France 44 Wines and Spirits will be reorganized in order to accommodate the new food-centric area, improve the general layout of the store and add new checkout points for the increased traffic.

Imagine Barry White saying, “Cheese.” That’s how sexy these sandwiches are.
Photo courtesy France 44

The new and improved Cheese Shop will include stations for prepared foods like salads and sandwiches, and pre-sliced meat and cheese. The dine-in menu will add melt sandwiches which are currently only available at the St. Paul Meat Shop (France 44’s sister across the river) as well as new salads and more.

More meat for the meat eaters!
Photo courtesy France 44.

The in-store dining space will more than double, allowing the shop to host classes and private events.

The expansion should be complete by April.