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After 10 Years This Neighborhood Eatery Will Dance Into Memory

Grand Cafe in Southwest Minneapolis will shutter February 5.

This is the last week for Grand Cafe.

It was 10 years ago when Mary and Dan Hunter took ownership over the cafe on Grand Avenue filled with blonde wood and a prominent kitchen. Since then, the kitchen has hosted several chefs, and the room has played host to many birthdays, first dates, anniversaries, weekday celebrations of five o'clock, countless nights filled with music and even a wedding or two.

Walking into Grand Cafe, there's a palpable warmth that a neighborhood eatery with heart should hold. The walls sport art posters and the floor has the softened grooves of many feet stepping in for a feast. The food has always been locally sourced, seasonal and the menu, under the chefs who have left their mark (most recently Food & Wine Best New Chef Jamie Malone) have always served dishes that comfort. In fact, the news is a bit of a surprise, considering they just announced Malone taking over the kitchen in December.

Fans will need a little extra dose of that comfort, knowing that this era is drawing to an end. Yesterday via the restaurant's Facebook page, the owners announced the decision to walk away. However, as promised, it won't be a somber affair, there will be a party as things wind down and they promise, there will be dancing.

For the final hours of operation for the last week will be Wednesday from 5:00 to 10:00 p.m. with the Ecco Chamber jazz group; Thursday through Saturday from 5:00 to 10:00 with weekend brunch at 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Grand Cafe

3804 Grand Avenue South, , MN 55409 (612) 822-8260 Visit Website