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Coffee Shop Opens with Genius Pumpkin Spiced Latte Troll

Five Watt Coffee’s seasonal latte includes “pending lawsuit”

Get your busy beaver here
Five Watt Coffee / Facebook

The second outpost of Kingfield’s Five Watt Coffee has opened inside the Miller Textile Building at 681 Hennepin Avenue East in Minneapolis. Like the original location the shop serves third wave coffee, tea, snacks and creative coffee mocktails. These lattes are widely regarded as some of the best non-alcoholic drinks in town making use of espresso, bitters they make, steamed milk, sweeteners beyond sugar and flavored syrups. For example, the Holy Molé uses Ancho chile, Cold press, agave, Habanero Hellfire shrub, and mole spray or the Busy Beaver with maple syrup, Blackstrap Bitters, cinnamon, molasses drizzle, cracked pepper, espresso, and milk.

Perhaps the most popular drink featured only at the new shop, which opened today at 6:00 a.m. is the Venti Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte that uses actual pumpkin (something rare in the PLSs of the chain coffee shop world drinks), spices, cinnamon bitters, cinnamon whipped cream and a pending lawsuit. The 20 ounce size is available for $7.25.

This isn’t the first step into out-of-the ordinary for the coffee shop. It is also the home of Fred, the unicorn manager of the rent-by-the-hour unicorn stable at the original Kingfield location who answers questions at his Twitter handle @FiveWattFred. The Hennepin location is home to Boris Beltrami, who is featured in a comic book available at the new shop, inside the Beltrami neighborhood.

No word yet from Starbucks about their involvement in making that “pending lawsuit” business a reality. But the latte is still available and according to Five Watt, “Our favorite ingredient, tbh.

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