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The Mini Doughnut Revolution Arrives in Northeast

Rebel Donut Bar brings next level flavors to tiny fried dough bites

Inside Northeast’s new doughnut shop Rebel Donut Bar

At 7:00am today, Rebel Donut Bar in Northeast Minneapolis officially opened for business with an array of creatively flavored and diminutively sized doughnuts.

Anchored in the belief that life is too short to be basic and inspired by brewery-style beer flights, Rebel serves up unique mini donut confections with flavors like cajun apricot and Irish whiskey designed to be sampled liberally. The donut bar, which was funded largely through Kickstarter and Go Fund Me, already has a dedicated Instagram following, will allow pre-orders of 100 donuts or more for pick up, and specializes in donut parties for up to 80 people that can fit a variety of budgets. When visiting Vince and Kiah’s space, expect an ivy-covered patio area and lots and lots of yummy, bite-sized donuts to choose from that include vegetarian and vegan varieties as well.

The patio for tasting doughnut flights
Rebel Donut Bar

The shop is located at 1226 2nd NE Minneapolis. It will be open Tuesday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to whenever they sell out and Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 a.m. until sell out.

The view from the street
Rebel Donut Bar

Rebel Donut Bar

1226 2nd NE , Minneapolis, MN 55413 Visit Website

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