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Be’Wiched Deli Expanding to Plymouth

The downtown Minneapolis deli will open a second location

The epic pastrami is arriving in the burbs
Be’wiched Deli / Website

It’s been 10 years of sandwiches and freshly sliced meats inside Be’Wiched Deli in Minneapolis and now the breakfast and lunch restaurant is expanding to the west metro. Be’Wiched Deli was first opened by owner Mike Ryan along with chef Matthew Bickford (of Icehouse) as a sit down casual eatery with all the lunch meats made in house. The fatty, heavily spiced pastrami soon became the sort of dish that was often spoken of reverently with hushed tones. The North Loop neighborhood where the original location is at 800 Washington Avenue North has grown up around the restaurant and changed considerably in the time since it’s been open.

Now, Ryan and the team is expanding to an office building off of Highway 55 in Plymouth. The expected address of the new spot is 12755 Highway 55. The restaurant is currently staffing up and should be opening soon.