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Minneapolis Soccer Figure to Take Over Huge Rosa Mexicano Space

“World cuisine” will be the focus at this new restaurant

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The 11,000 square foot space that used to house Mexican chain Rosa Mexicano is finally getting a new tenant — according to the Star Tribune, soccer figure Youssef Darbaki will be opening a “world cuisine” restaurant there in time for the Super Bowl next February.

The massive space on the corner of Hennepin Avenue and Sixth Street South has sat vacant since the higher-end chain packed up and left just over a year ago.

Its replacement is to be named Prime Six, and is going to have a lot going on: an events space, main dining room and dance floor will all be foisted upon the room. As for culinary offerings, the “world cuisine” descriptor means “everything” — the Star Tribune lists Italian, Caribbean, and French fare, alongside sushi, steak, and seafood; “the Pangea of food”, in Darbaki’s words. Prices should be upscale, but not overly expensive.

Darbaki has been involved with restaurants like nearby Seven Steakhouse in the past and is also manager of the Minnesota Twin Stars soccer team (he will leave his coaching role at the affiliated Twin Stars Academy to open the restaurant).