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First Avenue Owners Opening a Saint Paul Restaurant

Expect a casual pub vibe in the former Wild Thymes

Palace Theatre
The recently reopened venue is already seeing additions.
Palace Theatre / Facebook

Courtesy of the owners of Minneapolis’ iconic music venue First Avenue, a new bar and restaurant attached to the Palace Theatre is opening in St. Paul, reports the Star Tribune.

Officially taking the place of what is currently Wild Thymes on November 29th when the lease is transferred, the vision is to create “a really complimentary room to the Palace,” the general manager for First Ave, Nate Kranz, told the Strib. The newcomer is yet to be named, the concept is still in the works, and the menu is still unknown, but remodeling plans designed to open up the space are confirmed.

However, Kranz did disclose that the vibe would be similar to Depot Tavern, the relaxed pub that neighbors First Avenue. While this might be news to most, he also mentioned that the attached bar and restaurant, which is slated to open in the spring of 2018, was always part of the plan for the Palace Theatre.