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Kick Off the Twelve Beers of Christmas with Indeed’s Red Cow Collaboration

Indeed’s Wooden Soul Series is a whole new line of beer from the beloved brewery

A cranberry filled entry from the Wooden Soul Series
Photo courtesy Indeed Brewing

This week marks a special occasion for Indeed Brewing Company and Twin Cities burger behemoths Red Cow. Today, Friday December 1 will kick off Red Cow’s 12 Beers of Christmas with “Cowlaboration #8” from Indeed’s Wooden Soul series, which will be tapped at all Red Cow locations.

Indeed’s Wooden Soul series offers beer drinkers a unique experience that dives into the world of beer and food pairing. This latest example, a ruby red cranberry sour, was brewed specifically for Red Cow and aged in wood from between a year to a year and a half, then re-fermented on 250 lb. of fresh cranberries, roasted at Red Cow, and finished with a bit of hibiscus.

“We have a completely separate brand happening here. We want people to know it’s part of Indeed Brewing Company, but at the same time it’s its own unique series,” Indeed’s marketing and communications manager Kelly Mortiz said of the Wooden Soul series. “All the beers coming out of this series have aged for months if not years, if not two years. So when you get that final product, it really is a rare experience.”

The flavor of this cranberry sour is meant to serve as a complement to Red Cow’s copious burger selection. It’s a food pairing style more often seen with wine than with beer. It shows what’s possible when the concepts of beer and wine meet in the same glass.

“There are [several] similarities to wine,” Indeed Brewing Company’s on premise sales and brand ambassador Ryan Bandy said. “So it’s easier for someone who has gotten into wine and likes wine and has that experience with wine where you’re getting small pours and very nuanced flavors. They’re going to have an easier access point to beers like this.”

Each Red Cow location will have a supply of cranberry sour that should last until the end of the month. The Indeed taproom will also be tapping a couple kegs later in the month. Follow along on Indeed’s social media channels for information regarding when it will be tapped on site.

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