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Northern Waters Restaurant Shutters on December 31

The Smokehaus DeWitt Seitz will continue to operate

The Swedish Fish wallpaper inside Northern Waters
Just a few days left to dine here in Chester Park
Northern Waters Restaurant / Website

Northern Waters Restaurant, with the bright walls adorned with red fish and the long, communal wood table at Duluth’s Mount Royal will cease operations at the end of the year. In a statement, Northern Waters owner Eric Goerdt said that the final meal will be served December 31.

The casual sit-down eatery was an offshoot of the wildly popular Northern Waters Smokehaus located in Canal Park’s historic DeWitt Seitz building. The tiny site has become a destination for locals and tourists for its selection of smoked meats, a small selection of retail products and some road-trip worthy sandwiches.

The restaurant first opened in a small strip mall on Woodland Avenue in early 2016. The expanded space meant a full menu, moving beyond the sandwich into entree and even brunch selections.

While the restaurant will close, the original location will continue to operate.