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Faribault Brewery Will Move Into West 7th Firehouse

F-Town Brewing aims for Saint Paul’s popular corridor

Firehouse and brewery seems like a logical pairing
F-Town Brewing / Facebook

According to a report by the Faribault Daily News, St. Paul’s West Seventh neighborhood will soon be welcoming not only a new brewery, but a rare taproom with a kitchen in a historic site.

“The city of St. Paul is expected to select F-Town Brewing to develop one of its properties, signaling the Fourth Street NE business’ likely departure from Faribault after two years in town,” writes Gunnar Olson of the Faribault Daily News.

F-Town Brewing, which has called historic downtown Faribault home for the last two years, is expected to change its name to M.O.E. Craft Co. and St. Paul’s Housing and Redevelopment Authority is meeting to “discuss designating M.O.E. Craft Co. as the tentative developer for Fire House #10, at 754 Randolph Ave.”

The most interesting part of this development for St. Paul’s beer and food enthusiasts is what M.O.E. Craft Co plans to do with the space. An emphasis on the craft kitchen is a change from the usual tap room/food truck model that has become the standard. The look and feel of the new space will be more along the lines of “a craft brewery in a neighborhood restaurant.”

If this comes to light it will be an exciting addition to the already bustling and eclectic neighborhood in west St. Paul. M.O.E. Craft Co. would be neighbors with craft beer community staples like Summit Brewing, the Beer Dabbler Store, the editorial offices for The Growler Magazine, and the do-it-yourself brewery Vine Park Brewing. In addition to the already existing mix of institutional watering holes, restaurants, art galleries, and theaters, West Seventh just keeps growing.