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Red Sauce Rebellion Rolls Out the Meatballs Today in Excelsior

Eli Wollenzien’s Italian dissention from pretension

Nothing wrong with spaghetti and meatballs

Red Sauce Rebellion, the newest restaurant co-owner and chef Eli Wollenzien, will officially open it’s doors in Excelsior at 11 a.m. today December 22nd in the former Victor’s space at 205 Water Street.

Red Sauce Rebellion marks Wollenzein’s third collaboration with Deacon Eells, joining the two Coalition spaces—one next door in Excelsior and the other at 50th and France—that preceded it.

Launching just in time to catch the rush of people who avoid cooking over the holidays, the restaurant will serve familiar pasta dishes using nothing-fancy-here style red and white sauce.

Expect deep dish (like, fathoms deep) pizzas and classics like tomato bisque soup and meatballs alongside unique takes on short rib and chicken Parmesan. There’s also a variety of top-shelf cocktails to try, everything from the gin-filled Bevuto Viola to a refreshing Rinomato Spritz and a chocolatey take on Grappa.

Red Sauce Rebellion is currently not accepting reservations, but next month they plan to enlist NoWait, an app that lets diner check out wait times and add themselves to a waitlist.