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Experts Sum Up 2017 in One Word

How best to describe the year that was?

This was the year Kim Bartmann was everywhere
From the short-lived Bearcat/Facebook

Jason DeRusha,WCCO and Minnesota Monthly

Bartmann-tastic. Kim Bartmann took over management of Nighthawks, opened Book Club in the old Café Maude space, expanded Kyatchi to St. Paul, and pivoted again with turning Third Bird into Bearcat (quickly closing), and turning that into The Bird. Kim is a force for good – with her emphasis on sustainable farming that dates back to Bryant Lake Bowl, she’s also a force for change – advocating for women chefs and restauranteurs.

Stephanie A. Meyer, culinary coach, blogger


Mecca Bos,


Jess Fleming, Pioneer Press

Food Halls. (Is that 2? Sorry.)

Nancy Ngo, Pioneer Press


Amelia Rayno, Star Tribune

Personal – we saw a lot of roots-based projects (Martina, Hai Hai, Bellecour, Bull’s Horn, Kado, Young Joni at the tail end of 2016.)