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The Seven Top Food News Stories of 2017

We love reading about the State Fair, Nazis and....Lou Nanne?

Remember when it was warm? That was awesome

The year 2017 was packed with high emotions, whether Internet shaming nazis, standing up for the immigrants that make our world a tastier place or a remembering a young chef who was gone too soon. The stories that pulled in the most interest here on Eater Twin Cities were also the ones that spoke to our collective sense of Minnesota-ness. We care about our neighbors. We stand up for what is right and we will eat anything basket of weird the State Fair deigns to throw at us.

These are the most read stories from Eater Twin Cities 2017.

#1: The Loss of Erich Scheie

The 26 year old cook who made his mark at Victory 44, Upton 43 and Stewart’s died on April 19. Chef and owner Max Thompson of Stewart’s said, “He was a really great, kind, gentle person and I haven't met anyone who didn't love him immediately.”

Erich Scheie at work at Upton 43
Rebecca Zenefski/Eater Twin Cities

#2: Critics Celebrate and Bash the New State Fair Foods

The great Minnesota Get Together comes every year with outrageous people watching, things impaled on a stick and new edible entries that try to capture the eating zeitgeist. The best of the worst was the Doritos crusted corn on the cob drenched in a liquid cheese substance: “like lobbing it into the hot snack tray at a Holiday Station Store and finding out what sticks. Heavy Table summed it up as ‘a sad trombone of a dish.’”

#3: Diner Workers Dress Up as Nazis and the Internet Hunts Them Down

An image of several people dressed up in what appeared to be SS uniforms flew around the web and two were identified as being line cooks at the popular Uptown Diner. The two in question were quickly fired and the restaurant distanced themselves from the individuals. The picture surfaced soon after the white supremacist march in Charlottesville and local people were not having any of that bullshit.

Lingonberry beer

#4: The State Fair is Better With Beer

Our resident beer expert spelled out the new offerings and it’s safe to say that weirdness does wonders for enhancing the State Fair experience. Not sure the Red, White and Blu from Grainbelt is something that needs to be available all year ‘round.

Chef, business owner, immigrant: Sameh Wadi
Matty Lien/Photo courtesy of Sameh Wadi

#5: Restaurants Close in Solidarity With Immigrants

What began has an idea on Twitter spread throughout the Twin Cities restaurant community as businesses shuttered on February 16 for A Day Without Immigrants. Some business owners, like Sameh and Saed Wadi of World Street Kitchen and Milkjam still paid employees for the day while taking a stand against intolerance.

#6: Restaurant Drops Lou Nanne’s Name

The hockey legend is still involved with the restaurant, that decided for a more casual vibe and the Tavern23 name. It’s still open in Edina and he was seen eating there are recently as this week.

#7: Restaurants to Get Excited About

The fall line up of our Most Anticipated Restaurants mostly delivered, with Hai Hai, Bull’s Horn, Octo Fishbar and Nolo’s Kitchen all opening with great excite for all involved. Popol Vuh has been pushed back to 2018.