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JonnyPops Spreads Kindness With Free Treats

Line up for some free smoothie pops.

JonnyPops give-away this week.
JonnyPops Facebook page.

Admit it: you could really, really use an ice cream treat right about now. Minnesota based JonnyPops, producer of all-natural frozen fruit and cream pops, wants to share some kindness and spread the love in honor of National Random Acts of Kindness Day, and they are doing it the best way they know how. Starting at 8:00 a.m. on Friday, February 17, JonnyPops will be giving away up to 10,000 free pops at their headquarters in St. Louis Park.

Ten. Thousand. Pops.

JonnyPops donates a portion of its proceeds and products to the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation in honor of CEO Erik Brust’s cousin Jonathan, the company’s namesake, who died of a drug overdose. JonnyPops crafts around half a dozen treats, all made with simple ingredients like mango, pineapple and chocolate, and nothing artificial.

The smoothie pops are sold in stores throughout the country, and their adorable cart is a favorite stop on at the Minnesota State Fair, where they feature a unique treat each year, like 2016’s Chocolate Dipped Cherry on a Spoon.