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No More Cheese Curds at The Food Building

Lone Grazer Creamery is throwing in the towel — for now

The Food Building

Today, Food Building owner Kieran Folliard announced the closure of The Lone Grazer Creamery, located in Folliard’s Food Building in Northeast Minneapolis. Here is an excerpt from Folliard and Lone Grazer owner Rueben Nilsson:

“After two and a half years of laboring, building a plant, and fostering positive relationships with farmers, vendors, customers, and employees, we find that our business model is not working.”

Lone Grazer, one of the original tenants of the Food Building, was known for its approachable cheese selections, from squeaky cheese curds to the Grazier’s Edge, which owed its complex flavor to a wash of 11 Wells Rye Whiskey.

Folliard intents to continue focusing on the Food Building’s other tenants, including Red Table Meat Co. and Baker’s Field Flour & Bread and promises to revisit the idea of a space for The Lone Grazer in a few months.