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Five Things to Know Before Going to the Finally-Open Lexington

The city’s most anticipated restaurant revival has arrived.

The fireplace should be lit... and you could be, too, today.
Katie Cannon

It’s easily the most anticipated restaurant return in recent memory, but tonight the lights will glow behind that historic Lexington sign once again on St. Paul’s Grand Avenue. Reservations are already sold out for prime dinner time through the end of the month, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to feast on pot pie soon.

Before you brave the hoards and try to find a seat, here are a few helpful tips before you go.

It’s Worth the Wait

It’s been a short 1,032 days since we first broke the story that partners Kevin Fitzgerald, Josh Thoma and Jack Riebel had embaraked upon the adventure of reviving a flagging historic restaurant. The property had changed hands several times before they took on the unspeakably daunting task of bringing the old girl into the modern age. That said, the feeling of walking through those heavy front doors, dropping your coat at the staffed coat check room and walking past the lit stairway, through the heavy glass doors and arriving at the host stand is remarkable. You’re somebody. Someone valued. A contender. And when the person greets you, “Welcome to the Lexington,” they mean it.

The Layout

The plush dining room with crystal chandeliers is not going to have room for you anytime soon, but that’s okay. Wave at the nice people from the host stand before stepping into the Martini Bar, or beyond that into the cozy confines of the Williamsburg room. Each bar area is super swank with plenty of seating. It might be cozy, but right now these spaces are available first come first serve.

The Williamsburg room lounge area.
Katie Cannon

The Menu

While we still haven’t held that dining room menu yet, the bar menu gives great hope to chef Riebel being able to straddle the old and new eras. The pot pie is present in all it’s creamy gravy, chicken hunked, crusty glory, but there are also fried chicken sliders, a cheeseburger, phenomenal tartare and souffléd potatoes. Fingerling potatoes are sliced thin and then puffed up. It’s like a potato chip and a summer cloud had a baby.

The Bar

Cocktails are all riffs on the classic. In the back bar there is an entire section of Old Fashioneds that play with the main spirit components. There’s also an excellent selection of big brand and local beers along with a wide selection of wines.

Get There

They open at 3:00 p.m.

The Lexington

1096 Grand Avenue, , MN 55105 (651) 289-4990 Visit Website