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City Will Shut Down Surdyk’s for 30 Days in Wake of Rogue Sunday Sales Day [Updated]

The liquor store opened months before measures would make it legal to sell booze on Sundays.

Will sanctions close Surdyk’s until July?

It was a joyous day for procrastinators on Sunday March 12 when Northeast Minneapolis’s Surdyk’s Liquor store announced it was open for business. In the entirety of Minnesota’s history as a state it has never been legal to purchase alcohol on a Sunday.

True, Governor Mark Dayton did just sign into place a law lifting the 158 year old ban, but it also stipulates that liquor stores will be allowed to open on Sundays beginning on July 2.

Surdyk’s decided to jump the gun, opening its doors and cash drawers from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. yesterday. Shoppers lined up for the novel opportunity to skip the weekly Wisconsin run and be allowed to purchase beer, wine and liquor.

As with all great parties, now comes the hangover. The Star Tribune reports that at 1:00 p.m. yesterday Minneapolis licensing manager Grant Wilson advised Surdyk’s to lock its doors and cease sales, but the store stayed open and ringing sales into the evening.

UPDATE: Today the City of Minneapolis handed down the decision to suspend Surdyk’s liquor license for 30 days in July, just as other stores will be allowed to choose whether or not to open for business on Sundays. The city also decided to fine the business $2,000.

Wilson did note that Surdyk does have the opportunity to argue the sanctions to Minneapolis’ Community Development and Regulartory Services committee.

Until the passage of this law, Minnesota was one of just 12 states prohibiting alcohol sales on Sundays.

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