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Surdyk’s Rogue Sunday Sales Consequences

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The City of Minneapolis revises its sanctions against the Northeast liquor store.

The hammer comes down on the earlier opener a little more softly.

It was one glorious March day when Minnesotans got a taste of the forbidden seventh day fruit: wine purchased on a Sunday. The iconic Northeast Minneapolis liquor store Surdyk’s, under the leadership of Jim Surdyk decided to open its doors and sell product on the one day of the week the store is supposed to be closed.

In late February, after a contentious and years-long battle, Minnesota legislators agreed to allow citizens to purchase liquor on Sundays ending a ban that had been in place since the state became a state. After some debate, it was decided that the first Sunday sale to legally take place would happen in July of 2017. At that time, liquor stores will have the open of being open, if they so choose.

Meanwhile, on March 12, Surdyk’s decided to jump the gun, and open its registers. A city regulations representative attempted to reach store owner Jim Surdyk and requested he close the store. Those requests were disregarded and the business wrapped up later that evening.

At first, the city ruled that sanctions would include a 30 day closure for the store. Now, the amended sanctions includes a $6,000 fine (the original was $2,000) and the store faces a 10-day suspension of its liquor license.