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Southeast Asia Comes to Chef Shack

Union Kitchen’s pop up showcases flavorful cuisine.

Pok Pok radish salad from Union Kitchen.
Emilie Anne Szabo courtesy of Union Kitchen.

On Tuesday, April 18, Union Kitchen, the Asian pop-up crew that has been educating the Twin Cities about Hmong culture through the sharing of its unique cuisine, will collaborate with Chef Shack’s Carrie Summer and James Beard semifinalist 2017 Lisa Carlson for a pop up showcasing the flavors of Southeast Asia. Carlson and Summer just returned from an inspirational six week trip in Thailand and are eager to share the flavors they discovered there, marrying them with local produce and products.

The pop up will take place from 5 PM - 9 PM at Chef Shack’s Longfellow restaurant. The menu will include fried rice with smoked char siu, burnt pineapple and veggies; spicy Thai wings with Pok Pok radish salad; a riff on soup and salad with tom yum with Hmong sausage served with a lettuce wrap; and tilapia with turmeric vegetable curry.