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The Best Way to Avoid Tax Day Depression

Mega fancy dinner, cheap eats and drinking as therapy.

Two James Beard Award nominees want to cook for you.

The old saying goes that there are just two things that are certain in this life and neither of them are any fun to do. Rather than slog through the early part of this week, dreading the final moments to get that IRS paperwork in, dashing to the post office or grumbling about how much of our hard earned money lands in the pockets of big government, let’s slide into later April with some gorgeous dinners, deliciously cheap date nights with someone special, expert cocktails inside a gorgeous, dark bar at or just go straight to cheap booze at an iconic dive bar. No matter how you handle it, when your tax bill comes due and who is paying who, we have every strategy you’ll need for coping with April 18.

St. Genevieve and Surly Collaboration

Who wants just one James Beard Award nominated chefs when you can have two? The duo of talented men who were recognized by the Oscars of the food world for 2017’s Best Chef Midwest are cooking a fantastic meal together Tuesday night. Steven Brown of St. Genevieve will host and Jorge Guzman of Surly’s Brewer’s Table is bringing his bold cuisine and a few special editions of Surly beer. Tickets are still available by calling the restaurant directly. Plus, there will be a few select bar seats that are first come first served. For $180 guests will be treated to six courses with beverage pairings, plus the cost covers tax and gratuity. Dinner kicks off at 5 p.m.

Constantine Credit Constantine
Tuesday night is a more sophisticated ladies night.

Babetenders at Constantine

Head down to that gorgeous den of drink iniquity, Constantine, for special cocktails made by Katy Dimick, Anne Clifford, and Megan Luedtke. These are some incredible drink makers and if you haven’t gotten to know them on a first name basis yet, now is your chance. All the gratuity for the evening is being donated to Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota (WRC). And if that doesn’t already sound like enough fun, know that Elektra Cute of Black Hearts Burlesque will also be on hand.

Urban Growler
Beer and an app for just a couple of bucks.
Urban Growler [Official]

Make it a Date Night

This doesn’t have to be romantic, but maybe just grab your favorite person and an affordable meal at a beloved local eatery. Tuesday night means cheap date night at the Lowbrow in Kingfield, Red Stag in Northeast, Kafe 421 in Dinkytown, Urban Growler in St. Paul, Forti’s Sunrise Market on Grand Avenue. We’ve got our full list of our favorite date night specials here.

Dive bars make everything better.
Lee’s Liquor Lounge

Deep Dive

If you’re down to counting out change for muesli or considering second-hand underpants, maybe it’s just best to go right down to a classic dive bar. Both Minneapolis and St. Paul are flush with fantastically dark neighborhood watering holes that won’t even blink if you show up for a little day drinking. These bars have those good, worn elbow grooves, what we call a kind pour and a come-as-you-are atmosphere. Rest your heels on that low rung and order something strong in Northeast, on West 7th or one of the icons of the Minneapolis.