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Minneapolis’ Prospect Park Will Be Home to a New Food Hall

Malcolm Yards Market might just be the next big thing.

Prospect Park, site of Minneapolis’ newest food hall.

The Prospect Park neighborhood keeps getting cooler and cooler. The sleepy neighborhood cozies up to the University of Minnesota on one end and 280 on the other, and became a food and beer destination when Surly’s mega brewery complex came to town in 2014.

Property developers John and Patricia Wall are hoping to create the next big thing in Minneapolis by reimagining the historic Harris Machinery Warehouse, across Malcolm Street from Surly into a culinary Mecca of sorts. “We love this location, there’s so much happening here," Patricia Wall tells Mpls./St.Paul Magazine’s Stephanie March.

Malcolm Yards Market will consist of a main anchor restaurant, Wall is hoping a local Japanese restaurant will jump on board, along with 17 smaller stalls featuring a variety of tasty treats like coffee, ice cream and healthy options. “There’s a lot of interest in coming to Malcolm Yards as a way to expand or innovate, which is great for the neighborhood I think,” Wall said.

There is plenty of room etched out for seating and parking, Wall emphasizes. So come one, come all, to the newest in food hall dining. Well, not until next year, actually, but still, totally exciting.