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Hai Hai Will Replace the Old Deuce Deuce

Hola Arepa’s owners are opening an Asian street food eatery in the former bar.

Birk Stefan Grudem with Christina Nguyen
Katie Cannon

The duo behind the phenomenal food truck and Minneapolis eatery Hola Arepa have announced their plans for the former Deuce Deuce in Northeast. It was announced last month that Birk Stefan Grudem and Christina Nguyen had purchased the building that had once housed a beloved dive bar/strip club. Now, they are sharing that the new venture will feature Asian street food. They call the restaurant Hai Hai, which translates to “two, two.”

The couple would often travel the world during their off months when operating the food truck. Now they are hard at work channelling that passion into this new project, both behind the bar and in the kitchen.

According to Hai Hai’s website the pair, “went on scavenger hunts for specialties at local markets, pulled up short stools at sidewalk cafés and ordered whatever the people next to them were having. They tried it all so they could bring with them the best dishes & most inspiring flavors for you to enjoy back home.”

An example of dishes from Hai Hai.
Hai Hai

You haven’t lived until you’ve heard them talk about the banh xeo they discovered on one such journey. The website is filled with gorgeous food and cocktail pictures, plus the promise, “HAI HAI will shine the spotlight on some lesser known delicious regional dishes, along with new & original dishes using the Southeast Asian palette of flavors.”

Look for a fall 2017 opening.

Hai Hai

2121 University Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418 Visit Website