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Matty O'Reilly Set to Expand His Restaurant Empire in St. Paul

The owner of Republic and Bar Brigade will take over the old Como Park Grill spot.

Como Park Grill’s fab patio.

Matty O’Reilly, owner of Republic, Red River Kitchen, Red River Kitchen at City House and the brand new Bar Brigade, has signed a lease on the former Java Train/Como Park Grill space in St. Paul.

The building’s owners, Christine and Steve Finnegan, operated a popular coffee shop in the adorable two story building since 2005. They abruptly closed the business in 2016 but continue to own the building. Rumors have been swirling ever since about who would operate this prime location, but we have now confirmed that O’Reilly has signed the lease.

The location is smack dab between the Minnesota State Fairgrounds and the entrance to Como Park on Midway Parkway, foot traffic is heavy almost year round. A large, fenced in patio on the North side of the building affords lovely views of the neighborhood. A distinctive, colorful graffiti mural still adorns the wall and there is prime patio space that would pair well with one of those outrageously good beer lists O’Reilly’s restaurants are known for. As for food, our intel indicates a strong possibility for a new pizzeria in this spot, but O’Reilly isn’t spilling menu details just yet.

When approached for comment, the burgeoning mogul said his hands are currently full with month-old Bar Brigade and opening the seasonal City House at Red River Kitchen, the gorgeous spot right on the Mississippi River near downtown St. Paul and declined to comment on the new project.

So hold your horses Como Park, your time is near. It will be worth the wait.