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Limited Tickets Left For Final Birdie Dinners In May

Bye, bye, Birdie.

Just a few chances left to dine at Birdie.
TJ Turner

The ticketed restaurant experience inside Nighthawks will only be serving a few more meals before drawing the party to an end. Birdie first opened in September 2015 as a creative outlet for the original chef-owner of Nighthawks, Landon Schoenefeld. After he decided to leave the industry in December 2016, Jessi Peine, Britt St. Clair and Tlanezi Guzman, who worked alongside him took the reigns. What followed was a spectacular tasting menu served just a few days a week. Each evening was tailored for a unique dining experience that felt like an intimate dinner party thrown by extraordinarily talented chefs. Now, that party is coming to an end Saturday May 20.

The space has always been collaborative, with guest chefs joining the party and hosting pop ups. After the final dinner, the restaurant space, which is an add on to Nighthawks, will revert to a special event, private space available for rentals and if we’re lucky, there might still be a pop up here and there.

A recent dinner inside Birdie.
TJ Turner

Chefs Britt St. Clair and pastry chef Tlanezi Guzman will stay through to the end. Chef, Jessi Peine has already stepped away to return to running her food truck business, Peeps Hotbox.

There are just a few dinners left, tickets are $100 each and available here.

Thanks for the memories.
TJ Turner


3753 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55409 (612) 248-8111