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Updates on the Most Anticipated Restaurants of Spring 2017

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Checking in on the eateries we can’t wait to dine in.

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The Hotel Landing, future home of Restaurant 925

Restaurant NineTwentyFive

Location: The Hotel Landing 925 Lake Street, Wayzata

Key Players: Ryan Lund

Projected Opening: Mid June

The longtime chef de cuisine and then chef at Lucia’s (the seiminal locavore restaurant in Uptown) is opening his first restaurant in the suburb we can’t get enough of: Wayzata. When the newly constructed Hotel Landing opens, Lund will commandeer Restaurant Nine Twenty-Five. Details on the restaurant are slim, but with his pedigree, we expect fresh, seasonal cuisine that’s ethically sourced.

UPDATE: Chef Ryan Lund said he jumped at this opportunity as soon as he spoke with the owners and realized their shared, fierce dedication to quality. The same locally sourced, ethically raised ingredients Lund was known for using at Lucia’s will be stocked inside this kitchen.

Building construction is buzzing along and the restaurant will include an area for musical performances and a mezzanine overlooking the bar and main dining room. The seating will be laid out by quiet, quieter and quietest with a cute little kissing booth thrown in for good measure.

Future home to Bull’s Horn Food & Drink

Bull’s Horn Food & Drink

Location: 4563 S 34th Ave, Minneapolis

Key Players: Doug Flicker and Amy Greeley

Projected Opening: Summer

The return of the neighborhood bar is being heralded by one of the finest chefs in the Twin Cities. A leader in his field, Doug Flicker recently closed his fine dining restaurant Piccolo and his next project is at the other end of the fancy pants spectrum. He and his business partner and wife Amy Greeley are transforming the former Sunrise Inn into Bull’s Horn Food & Drink which will include Tron, an awesomely stocked jukebox and definitely some great bar eats. That’s not reimagined chef-ed up ideas of what a hamburger can be: we’re talking juicy meat, American cheese and a white bread bun that goes “squish” when you bite into it.

Doug Flicker is opening a bar.
Katie Cannon

Update: A pool table has been secured and that siding above the door has been removed to reveal some really cool, vintage windows. The room is getting a thorough scrub down and as the duo get Sandcastle’s summer season kicked off, they will soon be ready to turn full focus onto Bull’s Horn. Bar food dreams are getting closer.

Chef Jose Alarcon of Popol Vuh and Central.
Kevin Kramer/Eater Twin Cities

Popol Vuh and Central

Location: Northeast, near Indeed Brewing

Key Players: The Lyn 65 Team, chef Jose Alarcon

Projected Opening: Fall 2017

These are two eateries in one. Central will be an all day, laid back taco shop. Next door will be the more refined Popol Vuh, lead by chef Alarcon’s passion for the Mayan cuisine of his youth. Fire will be at the heart of Popol Vuh, where Alarcon will utilize an Argentinian wood burning grill. Alacron has been hosting pop ups inside the other kitchen he cooks in, Lyn 65. The restaurants are a collaboration with the kitchen crew and restaurant leadership there, including chef/owner Ben Rients. Popol Vuh will have 56 seats, including a counter where diners can get up close and personal with those flames.

Update: Keep your eyes open for another pop up and possibly something cool during Art a Whirl.

Outside Tenant with Cameron Cecchini and Grisha Hammes.
Photo courtesy Tenant.


Location: 4300 Bryant Avenue S, Minneapolis

Key Players: Cameron Cecchini and Grisha Hammes

Projected Opening: May 9

This small tasting-menu only restaurant will open in the former Piccolo space. Cecchini and Hammes worked inside Piccolo with Doug Flicker so, they know the building well. If its possible to believe, the restaurant is just a bit smaller than before. Dinner will be focused, coursed dining experiences Tuesdays through Saturdays. There will be a kitchen bar and a few tables available for reservation. Each dinner will begin at the top of the hour and is expected to last around 90 minutes and will cost $50 with additional, optional beverages. Cecchini and Hammes will be cooking up a rotating set menu, but have noted that diners with allergies and food sensitivities are invited to call ahead and will be accommodated.

Update: Reservations are open beginning Tuesday May 9 and soft opening dinners must be right around the corner.

Moody details inside 510 Groveland

510 Lounge and Private Dining

Location: 510 Groveland Avenue, Minneapolis

Key Players: Don Saunders

Projected Opening: Summer

We’ll once again be able to dine in the splendor of the restaurant at 510 Groveland. This space was the long-time home to Minneapolis award-winning La Belle Vie. The room makeover is nearly complete and the space is right on track for its summer opening with a kitchen led by Don Saunders. Saunders is the chef who led the late-lamented Fugaisse and currently has the refined neighborhood bistro, The Kenwood. We expect the subtle elegance and seasonal cuisine the chef is known for inside a stunning locaiton. To watch the room come together, follow 510mpls on Instagram.

Update: There’s a Jackie-O room and pink! Design fans must be swooning over that Instagram feed. Still on track to open this summer.