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Devil’s Advocate Is Closing and Taking Over Dan Kelly's [Updated]

This Sunday’s brunch will be the restaurant’s last service.

This is the last week for The Devil’s Advocate.

The other shoe hovering over The Devil’s Advocate in downtown Minneapolis has finally dropped. It’s been about a year since we first heard that the restaurant might close, and now the time has come for the beer lover’s haven to close its doors once last time.

The restaurant is owned by Erik Forsberg, who also operates Dan Kelly’s Pub a few blocks away and the new Erik the Red over by the new Viking’s U.S. Bank Stadium. When Forsberg took over Dan Kelly’s back in April of 2016 from its former owners, he mentioned that the building that houses Devil’s Advocate might close since for redevelopment. It’s been two years since Forsberg was informed that the building redevelopment would happen and that the restaurant may or may not be able to lease inside the new space.

This is one we saw coming.

[Update] What happens next is that Devil's Advocate and Dan Kelly's are becoming one and will carry DA mantle into the future. Forsberg and team are hard at work on doing some updates to the Dan Kelly location and it will likely become the next generation of Devil's Advocate. Expect those changes to be complete - along with a new patio, later this summer.

The final service will be brunch inside the o.g. Devil's Advocate this Sunday April 9 beginning at 10:00 a.m.