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More Hours, More Menus and More Reservations At Gavin Kaysen’s Bellecour

Wayzata’s runaway hit also adds seats and a new bar menu

You’re hungry. These guys want to feed you.
Katie Cannon

Perhaps you heard about that little rush of reservations that Bellecour experienced when it first opened? Gavin Kaysen’s new French restaurant in the western Minneapolis suburb of Wayzata blew past all expectations when it garnered over 1,000 reservations on the first day. Suddenly a 9:30 p.m. table for two on a Tuesday was a hot commodity. This week, Kaysen’s stunning destination added a few new options to dining at Bellecour.

First up, the restaurant is now also taking reservations for its garden room. These are the beautiful seats with views of the open kitchen, taking-shape garden patio and the beautiful white wall feature with the flowers, birds and animals. This is the side room that can also be closed for private dining parties, when they throw them. Reservations can be made through the website and as of this writing, there are even tables available tonight. (Hint: it’s best to call the restaurant directly for the best seats.)

The garden room at Bellecour.
Katie Cannon/Eater Twin Cities

Even if you can’t snag a reservation at the time you’d like for dinner, there are several seats inside the bar that are always available on a first-come basis. Plus, yesterday the restaurant unveiled a new bar menu that features such fun snacky foods as foie-gras butter dressed popcorn and teeny lamb sliders with bell peppers, olive aioli and brie.

Possibly the hottest barstools in town.
Katie Cannon

The bar is also where Bellecour is running a Thursday night burger special, not unlike the once-a-week ramen deal at Spoon and Stable. At 9 p.m. a limited number of burgers are made in the kitchen just for those lucky enough to be sitting in Robb Jones’ drink domain in time to put an order in.

Baked goodies are now available until 5 p.m.
Katie Cannon

One last sweet tidbit is that the bakery, lead by universally beloved pastry chef Diane Yang, the one where you can buy elegant desserts, cookies, pastry and a couple loaves of miche bread, is now open all the way until 5 p.m.