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Dine Out for Famine Aid

Dine Out For Somalia event takes place on April 7.

Safari Express is one of many restaurants participating.
Safari Express Facebook

Restaurants and bars have some of the tightest margins of any industry, yet are usually the first to step up and offer a hand when there is a need, locally and globally. Twin Cities restaurants are lining up to help once again, this time to raise money to aid in famine relief in war-torn Somalia, according to City Pages.

According Dine Out For Somalia, an unprecedented drought has added to the famine crisis in Somalia this year, putting millions of people in critical need of food and water. Dine Out For Somalia will take place on Friday, April 7, and include over 45 eateries (at publishing time), most giving as much as 50% of sales toward nonprofit organizations working on the ground in Somalia to offer relief. The day’s goal is to raise $150,000, but if you cannot dine at any of the below restaurants tomorrow, feel free to donate on Dine Out For Somalia’s website.

Get updates on participating restaurants here.