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A New Bakery and Cafe Is Opening in St. Paul’s West Side

The owners of Home Street Home food truck have found a permanent home.

Future home of Home Street Home

Destiny Buron and Daniel Kidd of Home Street Home food truck are opening a cafe and bakery in the West Side neighborhood of St. Paul.

The truck has been popular since hitting the streets in 2011. The couple left corporate careers to pursue their dream of making people happy through food. It’s the American dream, cruising the open road (or the winding streets of our capital) and schleping globally inspired comfort dishes to hungry lunch crowds. The duo serves a rotating menu of American, Asian, Italian and Mexican fare, including pulled pork BBQ sandwiches, blue cheese stuffed burger with grass fed beef from Ridgeroll Farms in Buffalo, Minnesota, fried flour tacos, or Thai chicken salad lettuce wraps, among other tantalizing items.

The cafe will be called, fittingly enough, Home Street Home Cafe & Bakery and serve wider menu on St. Paul’s West Side at 285 George Street West. The business had been using the space as the base kitchen for the truck when it came up for sale. They are hoping for a late summer or early fall opening for the bricks and mortar while the truck should be on the streets now. Follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

The truck serving lunch by the river.