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A Cookie Dough Food Truck Is About to Hit the Streets

Dough Dough: it’s an idea whose time has come.

Three cups each with a scoop of cookie dough.
All the raw goodness and completely safe to eat.

This Wednesday May 17th heralds the beginning of the cookie dough food truck era for downtown Minneapolis. Hailey and Tony Fritz are no strangers to the Twin Cities food truck business. They also operate O’Cheeze and came up with the idea for serving a safe to eat cookie dough from a food truck earlier this year.

According to an interview with the Pioneer Press, the duo were surprised that in that time, a raw cookie dough eatery opened in New York and immediately became the next, new reason for New Yorkers to stand in line for food. (The Fritz’s did fly out to join others in that line just to check it out.)

The Dodo adorned truck will launch in downtown with a starting line up of chocolate chip, peanut butter cup, cookies and cream cookie doughs. Plus, there will be a vegan German chocolate cake option.

All the doughs are egg-free and safer than licking the beater in grandma’s kitchen. After the debut, the truck will be downtown frequently and parked at area breweries.