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Bradstreet Neighborhood Craftshouse Has Closed, But Will Return at the Airport

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The closure of the historic location makes way for new construction.

We missed last call at Bradstreet 2.0.

It was the hotel lobby bar that launched many of the best craft cocktail shakers in the Twin Cities before moving to a storied location in Uptown, now Bradstreet Neighborhood Craftshouse has announced it’s moving to a new hotel at the airport. Graves Hospitality announced in a statement today that the neighborhood bar and restaurant at 1930 Hennepin Avenue has shuttered to make way for a new housing and retail development, but they are hanging onto the concept and the name.

Bradstreet Craftshouse first opened in 2009 at the lobby level of the Graves 601 Hotel in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, across from the Target Center. At the time it road the wave of the craft cocktail movement through the Twin Cities, launching the next level bartending careers of people like Robb Jones of Spoon and Stable, Birk Grudem co-owner of Hola Arepa, Sean Jones of Can Can Wonderland, Jon S. Olson of Esker Grove and many, many more. It was the first bar in town to take advantage of the giant spheres of ice and taught more than a few customers that good things come to those who wait.

A summer cocktail inside Bradstreet Neighborhood Craftshouse.
Joy Summers

In 2015 the bar moved up the hill to the current location and added the “Neighborhood” to its name. The art deco styled restaurant space was dramatically remodeled. The address was well known to food fans as Auriga, Doug Flicker’s first restaurant. A quaint patio and dark corners made it a good neighborhood hangout, but the location has been plagued by difficult parking and reports of uneven food service.

Now, the company has determined the “best use of space,” for that building is new retail and housing development.

Meanwhile, the hospitality group is working on the new InterContinental Hotel out at the Minneapolis/St. Paul International airport. The new hotel will link by skyway directly to the airport and Bradstreet will carry on in that location.

Bradstreet Neighborhood Crafthouse

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