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Kyatchi to Open Second Location in Lowertown

Sushi and hot dogs coming to the former Tanpopo spot later this summer.

Kyatchi’s beloved hot dogs will be served in St. Paul as well.

When news broke last month that long-time lower town noodle shop Tanpopo was closing its doors, St. Paul hearts weeped for the loss. But siblings Sarah and Sam Peterson, along with the rest of Kim Bartmann’s Kyatchi team, will take over the location and bring their sustainable seafood focused, ultra fresh Japanese menu with them.

Chef Hide Tozawa will repeat the success the team has found in Minneapolis with traditional Japanese dishes like grilled meats and vegetable skewers, Donburi bowls and of course, lots of sushi.

Kim Bartmann is always looking for ways to expand her empire, if the place is a good fit. “I’ve been sneaking across the border for years,” she said in a recent press release. “Now I’m getting a St. Paul passport.”

Kyatchi will utilize as many ingredients as possible from near by St. Paul Farmers Market, and continue to offer a robust menu of sake and Japanese whiskey, which has been gaining in popularity in recent years. Kyatchi’s award-winning hot dogs will also remain a key part of the menu.

Bartmann is hoping for a late summer opening. And those award-winning hot dogs? They are making the trip across the river too.

In other news, Kyatchi’s Minneapolis location is adding weekend lunch service starting June 3rd. It’s a good day to be a sushi (and hot dog) fan.

Tanpopo Noodle Shop

308 Prince St, Saint Paul, MN 55101 651-209-6527