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St. Paul Restaurateur Eyes Minneapolis Location

Tim Niver plans to open a deli in 2017.

Tim Niver heads west with new project.
Katie Cannon

Tim Niver might just be about to lock down his next restaurant location according some recent posts on Twitter. The front-of-house maestro and co-owner of The Strip Club Meat & Fish, Saint Dinette and Mucci’s Italian has been shopping addresses for his next restaurant idea, a deli. While not ready to publicly comment on the project, here is what we know and what is left to ponder.


In our minds, this includes the promise of meats, pickles, and proper bagels. With any luck, his business partner and Young Guns 2017 nominee chef Adam Eaton (Saint Dinette) might have something to do with that. Eaton has been teaching cooking classes featuring Jewish classics and the pairing of these two ideas seems like a likely win.

Counter Service

Niver tweets that the new spot is counter service. This is the man who after twenty or so years in the industry has trained countless servers in his style of service, welcoming, gracious and yet unlikely to suffer fools. He also said in 2015, “Service hasn’t evolved, it’s devolved.” What does this mean for the future of hospitality? Is it all fast-casual, counter-service as far as the eye can see?


While his current restaurants are all operating out of St. Paul, Niver is familiar with the other twin city. He was part-owner of the critically acclaimed, but short-lived Town Talk Diner revitalization and the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it The Inn. What exact part of town this new deli will be in is still top secret information. However, if things proceed on course, all answers will be revealed within 2017.

Until then, there are other projects to attend to. Mucci’s is hard at work on a line of frozen pizzas and the Strip Club Meat and Fish readies to shutter on July 1.