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Erick Harcey Plans to Open His Next Restaurant in Longfellow

After conquering new North cuisine at Upton 43, the creative chef goes casual

Eater Inside: A Look at Erick Harcey's Upton 43
Harcey inside Linden’ Hill’s Upton 43
Lucy Hawthorne

Chef Erick Harcey has announced plans to open a restaurant at the base of a new apartment building at 46th and Hiawatha in Minneapolis’ Longfellow neighborhood. The eatery is part of a planned project by the Oppidan Investment group, the organization building a 150-unit apartment building that will also house a supermarket.

Harcey has built a career on putting his own spin on classic dishes and serving them to an adoring neighborhood. The chef’s first restaurant, Victory 44 in the Victory neighborhood of Minneapolis, serves dishes that wouldn’t be out of place on a 1950s dinner table, amped up for the modern age. The self-described perfect burger, for example, is stuffed with cream cheese and served with dill gel, bacon powder French fries, and a loaded dill pickle. His Upton 43 won nationally accolades with a menu that brought together the foods of Minnesota and Scandinavia with its unexpected dishes.

While he’s reticent to speculate on what his new restaurant’s menu might look like, Harcey is determined to find a niche that serves the neighborhood. "Longfellow feels like its own special place. People are proud to live there and it has a small town feel yet it is a prominent neighborhood within Minneapolis," he said.

Construction is expected to begin next year.