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Take a Tour of the Roadhouse Style at Dalton & Wade Whiskey Common

It’s a setting that suits a lot of whiskey and smoked meat

Over 200 American whiskeys have been amassed behind this bar.
The Restaurant Project

Dalton & Wade Whiskey Common, the North Loop’s newest bar will officially open Wednesday July 19 and will serve dinner seven days a week after that. On the weekends, the menu of smoked meats, pimento cheese, cornbread will expand into lunch hours and portions.

The bar and restaurant is the work of Paul, John and Corey Abdo, whose family also operates the Nicollet Island Inn. They have partnered with their lifelong friend, and Tennessee native Sean Geraty and investor Dan O’Brien. The idea for the restaurant came from conversations, and likely a couple of glasses of the brown stuff, talking about a neighborhood gathering place befitting of the men from the 80’s cult classic Roadhouse. (For the uninitiated, it starred Patrick Swayze and a spin-kicking, throat-ripping bouncer whose crowd control direction amounted to, “Be nice until it's time to not be nice.” He gets the girl. A guy dies by taxidermied polar bear.)

Drinks at the bar.
The Restaurant Project

The restaurant design was collaborative between Studio M, graphic artist Nick Smasal and Carter Averbeck who painted a giant cowboy mural and put together a chandelier made entirely from vintage leather belts.

The country vibe is strong here.
The Restaurant Project

The bar is stocked with an abundance of whiskeys, over 200 bottles, but there are the usual suspects available, as well. Chris Massey, who has tended such well-known local bars as the one at Parlour, knows how to make a fancy drinks just as well as a beer and a bump.

A shot with a beer back at the bar
The Restaurant Project

Dalton & Wade is located just around the corner from Deja Vu, across the street from the new Hewing hotel, inside the newly constructed T3 building.

A brisket preview with all the fixings
The Restaurant Project

Dalton and Wade

323 North Washington Avenue, , MN 55401 (612) 236-4020 Visit Website