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Upstairs Circus Opens Today For Crafters Who Love to Drink

Make nail art while getting hammered

If shop class and home ec had a full bar
Upstairs Circus / Facebook

Upstairs Circus was born from the unlikely idea of pairing booze with shop class. The Denver-based company is making its Minneapolis debut in a well-scrubbed and reborn location worthy of its crafty reputation. Located above what is best known to locals as the former home of Sex World, Upstairs Circus contains a full bar and enough materials to make a Michael’s blush. What they don’t have is food, crafters are encouraged to bring along snacks and it makes sense that eating wings and nailing things wouldn’t necessarily go together.

The way it works is that is that a group of friends can make a reservation, choose a craft and then make stuff while drinking. Or take the “project social” route, a pre-determined time to make stuff with tickets costing between $36 to $39. There’s even a happy hour when some projects are available at a discounted rate.

Umbrellas funnel creativity.
Upstairs Circus / Facebook

Raw materials waiting to be transformed into things likely to be cherished forever include leathery items like a flask, koozy or dog collar; jewelry stuff like name necklaces and all manner of wrist adornments, and wall art. There are actually a lot of ways for creative people to get their jollies here.

Crafty AF
Upstairs Circus / Instagram

The drink list is mostly made of funny names for familiar things like a “circus donkey” is a Moscow mule and a “pink elephant” is a Cosmo.

K is for kewl
Upstairs Circus / Instagram

The grand opening runs today and tomorrow with special events, tickets and free champagne. Upstairs Circus is open Tuesday through Saturday, afternoon to late night and Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Upstairs Circus

125 N. Washington Ave. Unit B, Minneapolis, MN 55401 612-216-2229 Visit Website