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Victory 44 Has Closed and Upton 43 Will Soon Close to Relocate

Chef Erick Harcey drastically changes his restaurant world.

Eater Inside: A Look at Erick Harcey's Upton 43
The chef shutters his original restaurant, is cutting Dirty Bird and taking Upton 43 to the North Loop
Lucy Hawthorne / Eater Twin Cities

After 10 years Victory 44, Erick Harcey’s Minneapolis restaurant known for inventive food and a perfect burger has closed. At the same time, he announced that his Linden Hills restaurant Upton 43, named by Eater’s roving critic Bill Addison as one of the Best Restaurants in America in 2016, will close August 13 and relocate to an undisclosed location in the North Loop.

The Victory 44 closure came abruptly, as of right now the Facebook page is still live with no announcement, but the restaurant’s website is down. In a statement Harcey said, “It’s been a good run,” for his original restaurant.

Inside Victory 44
Katie Cannon / Eater Twin Cities

Meanwhile, the critical darling Upton 43 will relocate to Minneapolis’ bustling North Loop neighborhood and all signs indicate that it will retain its name, even though it’s the intersection of the location.

Upton 43 first opened in December of 2015 to almost immediate critical acclaim for its Nordic by way of Minnesota cuisine. Addison wrote, “The chef has a modernist streak, but his menu strikes a welcome equilibrium: For every heady composition like kohlrabi ribbons frosted with a fluffy walnut-buttermilk mixture, there’s an earnest starter like pickled herring heaped with potatoes, cucumbers, and dill, or a hay-roasted pork chop so righteous in its meatiness you’ll want to gnaw the thing down to the marrow.”

Swedish meatballs at Upton 43. Photo courtesy Upton 43 Facebook page
Perfect Swedish meatballs at Upton 43
Photo courtesy of Upton 43

Upton 43 will close to begin the relocation process on Sunday August 13. At that time, The Dirty Bird, the rotisserie chicken take out place at the back of Upton 43 will also close.

The counter inside the Dirty Bird
Lucy Hawthorne / Eater Twin Cities

Victory 44

2203 44th Avenue N, Minneapolis, MN 55412 (612) 588-2228 Visit Website

Upton Forty-Three

4312 Upton Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55410