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The Raw Cookie Dough Craze Hits the Mall of America

Dough Dough food truck is opening inside the mega mall.

You no longer have to hide on your couch in sweatpants to assuage your cookie dough cravings.
Dough Dough / Facebook

The satisfaction of scooping safe-to-eat raw cookie dough straight from the bowl and into a waiting mouth is universal. The owners of the Dough Dough food truck, who also run the O’Cheeze truck have been overwhelmed with success since launching the dessert truck. Since announcing its launch, the truck often attracts lines of fans wanting scoops of classic cookie flavors like chocolate chip.

Dough Dough first hit the streets of Minneapolis back in May of this year, capitalizing on a food trend that is sweeping the nation.

The store will be located on the third level of the mall’s north side and will be 600 square feet in size. Construction is underway and open some time this fall.

Until then, the truck will continue to operate on the streets of the Twin Cities and at area breweries, sometimes in tandem with the grilled cheese-centric O’Cheese sister truck. To find them, follow along on Twitter.

Three cups each with a scoop of cookie dough.
You can still lick the bowl.
Dough Dough

Mall of America

60 E Broadway, Bloomington, MN 55425 (952) 883-8800 Visit Website

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