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Rolled Ice Cream Arrives in St. Paul Tomorrow

Cool new treat for the dog days of summer.

Oreo ice cream at Wonders
Wonders Ice Cream / Facebook

Tomorrow is the grand opening for Wonders Ice Cream on University Avenue in St. Paul. The trendy frozen treats are made by chopping ingredients into liquid ice cream and then scraping the mixture across a frozen griddle, then rolling it and plopping it into a cup.

According to the Pioneer Press the shop is owned by Joungkong Yang and Kit Houngnakhone who said they tried rolled ice cream in southern California and became obsessed.

The opening event kicks off at 298 University Avenue West tomorrow, Friday August 18 beginning at 12:30 p.m. Flavors include the usual suspects and others like Vietnamese coffee, Thai tea, taro, and avocado. There are also a ton of candy mix in like Oreos, Teddy Grahams and a rainbow’s worth of sprinkles.